Upcoming AR FPS Devil’s Purge will launch on the App Store in 2024

Recieve blessings and exorcize demons

Upcoming AR FPS Devil’s Purge will launch on the App Store in 2024
  • Devil's Purge tasks you with exorcising demons
  • Get blessing from Archangels and combine them to be more effective in combat
  • You can pre-register for the game now

Upcoming AR shooter Devil’s Purge is coming to iOS later this year. From indie game studio ONTOP, the title melds Christian beliefs with a metal aesthetic. Part Pokemon GO!, part DOOM, the game lets you use your phone as your exorcism kit. You’ll uncover hidden demons and vanquish them as you attempt to thwart the devil himself.

In Devil’s Purge, you’re tasked by God with vanquishing the many demons plaguing the earth. Taking inspiration from the Roman Catholic church and Baroque art, this shooter with roguelike elements features a variety of Biblical characters who will appear to you between exorcisms. 

Along the way, you will receive blessings from Jesus Christ and the Archangels, who will aid you in your quest. You can combine multiple blessings to create new and inventive ways to deal with the demons. You’ll use your camera to reveal demons lurking nearby and aim at their hearts with your phone’s flashlight to pepper them with Holy bullets. Additionally, you’ll need to stay vigilant and dodge demonic attacks.

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Recently Devil’s Purge began its pre-alpha stage which is limited to 666 players. During the pre-alpha players can complete a mission centring around the Virgin Mary who after questioning the will of God has become corrupted. 

ONTOP believes this roguelike shooter marks a new leap for physical gaming. A multi-award-winning indie development team, ONTOP has six years of experience in developing with augmented reality and has worked for well-known brands like Qualcomm and Samsung. The company aims to integrate the physical world with gaming.

Devil's Purge is now available for pre-order via the App Store. You can learn more about ONTOP's upcoming augmented reality shooter by visiting ONTOP's official website. To keep up with all the latest news, follow the developer on X (Twitter) or YouTube or join the Discord community.

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Jack Brassell
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