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New event for Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth to begin this August

Get clued up on the latest additions, from a new story episode to exclusive characters

New event for Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth to begin this August

A runner, a gacha game and a detective series all wrapped in one? Only in Japan. Inspired by the popular anime series ‘Case Closed’, Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth puts you in the child-sized shoes of the titular student-turned-detective. Run, jump; collect clues and characters; then solve the case and save the day.

Beginning today, the Fireworks Festival event will roll into town, bringing with it a host of new additions to Detective Conan Runner. Across the event period, you can gather special event items and points to exchange for gacha tickets and limited-edition characters – all clad in a yukata (casual kimono). Characters available include exclusive SSR versions of Toru Amuro, as well as SR versions of Ran Mori, Conan Edogawa, Kogoro Mori and more. Drop rates for these characters will be increased for the event period, so it’s the perfect time to add to your character collection.

You’ll also be able to delve into a new episode of the main story: episode 20 – The Worst Birthday. As this new chapter shares its name with a case in the manga, it’s probably fair to guess it’ll involve a necklace, a hotel room and a mysterious murder… and once again, it’s all up to Detective Conan to uncover the truth. Begin your investigation by first completing episode 19 – Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog.

Developed by Ambition and released this year in 29 countries around the world, Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth is a quirky blend of genres bound to appeal to anime fans and casual mobile gamers alike. Start your own ‘race to the truth’ by downloading the game for free on iOS or Android.

The game is available for the following countries, and the names are as such:

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth (for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Sweden)

Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth (for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Norway)

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