Demon Gaze is ready to bring first-person dungeon crawling to the Vita

A real looker

Demon Gaze is ready to bring first-person dungeon crawling to the Vita
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The PS Vita's about to get its answer to Etrian Odyssey thanks to NIS America.

Demon Gaze plops players down into gorgeous, 3D dungeons and immerses them with a first-person camera view. This means you won't get to see any flashy attack animations, but that's all part of the charm for the genre.

Events in Demon Gaze kick off when your main character Oz wakes up in the odd land of Misred with most of his memories lost to a raging case of amnesia.

What makes Oz stand out even more is his magical eye that he can use to subdue half-Android demons... which are apparently a thing in Misred.

Staring contest

In a welcome departure from the grand scale of many JRPGs, Oz decides to simply hunt down treasures to eke out a living for himself while he waits for his memories to return.

To accomplish this, he'll have to delve deep into a series of dungeons with a cast of colourful characters.

The added bonus here is that you can create and name your characters - choosing from a wide variety of races and classes - and assign different voice actors to each one.

If you're a fan of the dungeon crawling RPG genre and you've got a Vita kicking around, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for Demon Gaze when it's released in North America on April 22 or Europe on April 25.

Better still, NIS America announced that each region will see physical and digital releases.

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