Dementium II screens show off new monsters, snowy level

Fresh shots make waiting for February release all the scarier

Dementium II screens show off new monsters, snowy level
| Dementium II

New monsters and a previously unrevealed snowy environment are showcased in a batch of new screenshots for survival-horror sequel Dementium II.

We previewed the game during GamesCom in August, though these new stills depict other different creatures and an icy environment not part of that demo.

One shot shows a grotesque organic balloon floating outside a snowed compound, while another depicts a battle against a monster with sharp appendages crawling through the snow.

Apparently you can travel between our reality and an alternate dimension where you confront a host of horrifying creatures. This snowy complex seems to be part of the real world, though some dark screens may offer a glimpse into that other world.

We're eager to explore both, particularly given the improvements developer Renegade Kid is promising. A retooled save system and the ability to use both weapons and flashlight at the same time should make the game much more playable than the original.

Dementium II is slated for release on DS in February 2010.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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