The HUGE COCCYX Death Road to Canada update should be arriving on iOS at the end of the month

Seriously, it's a big'un

The HUGE COCCYX Death Road to Canada update should be arriving on iOS at the end of the month
| Death Road to Canada

It's been a little while since Death Road to Canada's release on iOS in March, but the eagerly-awaited COCCYX update is well on the way.

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You'll probably know what Death Road to Canada is, but just in case you're new here it's a top-down, zombie slaying, cross-country RPG where you'll likely hate your enemies and detest your allies.

On with the update features, though it's such a huge list that the best way to do this is via very boring bullet points for the main areas (sorry).

  • New unlock system
    • Use Zombo Points to unlock new perks, traits, the Gnome trader, and passive bonuses.

  • Ending changes
    • Each character that survives to the end gets an epilogue based on their personality, skill, and more.

  • New Characters
    • Sleepy Trader, Bort, Just Like Bart, HENK/HONK, Samedi, Kaiju, Nimbus Ordeal, Battle Rodent, Bogan.

  • New text events
    • Six new events, including one rare event, ranging from Sneezing Remedy to Giant Spider Ambush.

  • New perks
    • Seven new perks, ranging from Pathfinder to Natural Shot.

  • New traits
    • Ten new traits, including Anime Fan, Tiny Eater, and Phoenix.

  • Tnomey, the Trader Gnome
    • Shows up in every Trading Camp, but can only buy one thing from him per game.

  • Zombo Town
    • 'Info' button replaced with 'Unlocks' button which leads to Zombo Town.

  • New player-usable weapons
    • Two new player-usable weapons: Sturdy Cleaver and Ded9.

  • New special character-only weapons
    • Three new SCO weapons: Modded Ded9, Skateboard, and Guster Sword.

  • Passive unlocks from Unomey, the Unlock Gnome
    • Various unlocks, including Zombo Points capacity, lots of Toilet upgrades, and bonus ZP.

  • UI and system changes

  • Miscellaneous changes

That may not seem like a lot but check out the full patch notes here - and the Miscellaneous changes here - and you'll see what I mean. This update's going to be a good one.

If you haven't grabbed the game already you can get it for £8.99/$8.99 on the App Store. We gave it a stonking Gold Award for its successes.