iPhone racer Death Rally gets new track and bonus features in free update

V1.3 download for Remedy racer fixes bugs, too

iPhone racer Death Rally gets new track and bonus features in free update
| Death Rally

A violent iOS racer might have been an unusual next step for the maker of Alan Wake and Max Payne, but Remedy’s Death Rally has been a popular pick among App Store visitors since its release just over a month ago - and it’s just received a free update.

The most significant addition is brand new track Eureka, which takes place across a frozen environment and apparently features a unique camera perspective.

Remedy has also tweaked the method for unlocking new stages – now you pick up track pieces to open up later levels.

Anyone who’s experienced problems with data loss will be delighted with the new backup system, which allows you to restore data via your Game Center profile, while Alan Wake-themed in-app purchase ‘Shadow Man’ is said to help you advance through the game a little quicker.

There are fixes for a couple of random bugs, as well as other minor improvements like menu optimisation for iPad users and new spot effects on the Velodrama track and for the Striker weapon.

A fairly hefty boost for the grand total of zero pence, then, and another good reason – assuming you haven’t already grabbed it - to shell out £1.79/$2.99 for this explosive, Silver Award-winning racer.

Chris Schilling
Chris Schilling
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