Death Rally speeds violently onto the New Zealand App Store

An early 15 per cent discount avaliable for speed freaks

Death Rally speeds violently onto the New Zealand App Store
| Death Rally

Eagerly anticipated iPhone and iPad top-down racer Death Rally has made its debut on the New Zealand App Store.

Death Rally uses a highly scientific formula of 'weapons + racing = awesome', challenging you to survive the carnage and cross the finish line in first place.

With no trick deemed too dirty, those without a moral compass are encouraged to humiliate and destroy their opponents, who include guest drivers Duke Nukem and Alan Wake’s Barry Wheeler.

New cars, weapons, and challenges can be unlocked in the game’s single-player mode, with more promised in upcoming free updates along with multiplayer support.

The game is available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad, with special optimised features for the iPad 2 such as a framerate of 60fps. Death Rally will be on sale in the US and UK App Stores from midnight. It'll initially cost £2.99/$4.99 before going up to £3.49/$5.99.

Steve McCaskill
Steve McCaskill
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