Car combat game Death Rally coming to iPhone and iPad

Console developer Remedy remaking old PC bullet racer

Car combat game Death Rally coming to iPhone and iPad
| Death Rally

Death Rally, an on-wheels action game featuring top-down vehicular gunfights, is coming to iPhone and iPad.

The top-down car combat game carries equal parts racing and action, with machine guns and rocket launchers as important as tyres and suspension.

Winning races enables you to repair your car, as well as outfit it with new parts and weapons. The total number of weapons, vehicles, and tracks has yet to be revealed.

Max octane payne

The game comes courtesy of Remedy, a console developer known for creating the iconic Max Payne series and Xbox 360 survival-horror title Alan Wake.

No console release for Death Rally, though, as Remedy and development partners Mountain Sheep and Cornfox & Bros. have defined it as an iOS exclusive. If Mountain Sheep rings a bell, you no doubt remember the studio for twin-stick shooter Minigore.

Death Rally will be available for iPhone and iPad in March; no price has yet been announced.

Here's the first trailer.

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