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Feline idle game Dear My Cat receives brand new content

From spooky cats for Halloween to the purrrfect free gift for newbies

Feline idle game Dear My Cat receives brand new content
| Dear My Cat

There’s no fighting over balls of string or terrorising local birds in Dear My Cat. That would be far too much stress. Instead, the anthropomorphic cats in this charming pet sim are all about taking it easy. They potter about, enjoying island life and each other’s company, fishing, napping, playing and chatting. As for you — their benevolent owner in the sky — your central task is making their floating islands pleasant and engaging places to be.

The latest update adds brand new content for you to play with. Halloween is just around the corner, so expect some adorably spooky arrivals, namely three new cats — two available to collect. These are no ordinary moggies. There is Isabella, whose ruby-red eyes, night-black fur and supercatural wiles suggests she’d be quite at home in a Transylvanian castle. Then there is Frankie with his distinctive bolt hat, whose slow speech and lumbering manner hides a keen mind and powerful paws. And finally, keep an eye to the sky for Moon Witch Pluto, whose preferred mode of travel is a flying broomstick.

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As well as new cats, there is a cauldron’s-worth of new accessories for giving your be-whiskered islanders a suitably spooky makeover — everything from witch hats and bat glasses to pumpkin brooches and tombstone bags. To get your paws on both these and invitations for Isabella and Frankie, you need some magical Moon Dust from Moon Witch Pluto herself. Simply take part in the special Halloween mission during the event period to acquire some. You can also purchase one of the limited-time Halloween Packages from the in-game shop.

If you’ve never played Dear My Cat, now is a great moment to start. The latest update includes a special five-day check-in event for new players. Each day of the event period, check in to enjoy free gifts. On the third day, you’ll get a lovely new deer companion — Faena the Flower Keeper. Don’t worry if you already have Faena; you’ll receive 2,500 rubies instead. You’ll also benefit from the updated UI, which makes managing your cats and their accessories easier and more convenient. For helpful beginner tips, you can read our guide here.

This incremental game is designed to be relaxing, uncomplicated and stress-free. Grow beautiful, tranquil islands, populate them with colourful cats, and enjoy observing their weird and wonderful ways. You can download the updated version of Dear My Cat for free now from Google Play and the App Store.