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Dear My Cat: Reasons to play this charming, Zen-inducing kitty sim

Lounge around with your lovable cat companions

Dear My Cat: Reasons to play this charming, Zen-inducing kitty sim

The warmth of a friend’s embrace, the scent of colourful flowers in a garden, and the blazing shades of orange as the sun sets across the horizon - these are just some of the little things in life that we often take for granted. But with Dear My Cat, you can revel in those simple joys with adorable kitties by your side.

Flero Games’ meditative virtual sim lets you manage your very own island filled with the wonders of nature and furry feline friends, all while a relaxing tune serenades you in the background. There’s nothing but good vibes here (Google certainly thinks so having recently featured the game on the Google Play Store), but if you need more reasons to dive into this incredibly Zen world, we’ve got just the thing.

Dear My Cat offers a unique, meditative experience

You’ll begin the game by waking up - as if from a dream or into a dream - alone and a little lonely. There’s something about your home on a floating island that’s peaceful in its solitude, but you can’t help but yearn for companionship somehow, so you set out to make your garden flourish and build a train station so travelers from far away can come to pay you a visit.

This premise alone already sets the chill, low-key vibe of the game. As you begin collecting hearts and coins, you’ll immediately get a sense of satisfaction in this no-pressure task, all set in a pastel-coloured backdrop on a floating island.

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When you lose a pet IRL, there’s no need to mourn

The nature of collecting cats itself is perfect for pet lovers everywhere, especially if you’re curious about a cat’s journey throughout the afterlife. How exactly does a cuddly kitty spend eternity? Peacefully, it seems, as Dear My Cat gives you an inside look at what cats busy themselves with across the Rainbow Bridge - gardening and leisurely fishing included.

If you’ve ever grieved over the loss of a beloved pet, you can cast away your fears and find peace knowing that your loyal companion is having the time of its life in the sky, entertaining travelers and tending to their crops. Isn’t that the best afterlife you can hope for?

You can expand your virtual pet collection as you please

Dear My Cat isn’t just for cats - you can create more lovable pets and shower them with TLC as you expand your Sky Island. Unlock new destinations and welcome new animals into the fold, such as adorable doggos, whimsical whales, and even furry raccoons.

With each new destination you unlock, you can enjoy the specific area’s theme and let your pets unwind at the thermal spring, hang out at the ramen shop, or share stories with their friends around a cozy campfire. They can simply nap under a tree too, and that’s perfectly okay!

Get to know your feline friends by observing them - that’s all!

Because Dear My Cat is meant to be a healing, anti-stress idle game, you can just observe as your cats go about their day while listening to the beautifully therapeutic musical score in the background. The low-pressure gameplay lets you leave your pets to do their own thing as you chill during lazy Sunday afternoons with your kitties on your island.

These anthropomorphic critters also have their own unique backstories and personalities too, so be sure to spend a little time reading through their profiles to help you get to know them better. New special cats with new stories (and tons of mini-games!) are added each month, with seasonal themed decorations you can customize to your liking. And if you’re just about to head to bed, watching your virtual cats for a bit before you turn in relaxes your mind and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Dear My Cat is available to download as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases on the App Store and on Google Play. This therapeutic experience satisfies humans’ innate need to serve cats in real life, because they’re the true kings and queens of our lives, aren’t they?