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Dear My Cat welcomes new cats and special Summer Event in August update

Dear My Cat welcomes new cats and special Summer Event in August update

There’s just never enough cuddly kitties when it comes to Flero Games’ Dear My Cat, and in this latest update, players can expect to welcome more feline friends to their floating paradise of an island. In the relaxing sim’s August update, water-loving Churi makes a splash as part of the VIP Package, while there will be three types of Dracula Coat for Isabella and three types of Gingerbread Cookie.

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Dear My Cat’s latest update also adds a Summer Festival Event that lets players roll the dice to receive a special festival treasure chest. Stopping on a [Treasure Chest] space lets users earn cool decorations, yummy recipes, and lovely accessories. If you’re eager for a little sneak peek at the rewards, you can use the [Pearl Die] to see the results first.

The Summer Festival Event also brings with it watermelon aficionado Suri, plus seafaring sailor Umi from the limited Puzzle Event. Expect to see 25 new decoration items such as the Beach Parasol and the Palm Tree Hammock for the ultimate fun in the sun, along with 15 new accessories like Umi’s Ship Hat and Suri’s Watermelon Bag. And, for the first time in Deam My Cat, players can enjoy a fishing mini-game where their kitties can catch fish with a well-timed tap.

Dear My Cat is a meditative mobile title that explores just what kitties do in the afterlife, chilling in the clouds while lounging around with their friends. You can download the game as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases on the App Store and on Google Play.