[Update] DaWindci Deluxe adds hurricanes and lightning to your swipes, more relaxing puzzles to solve

Flourishing (Updated: Android version not coming out yet)

[Update] DaWindci Deluxe adds hurricanes and lightning to your swipes, more relaxing puzzles to solve
Updated on July 18th at 16:53: The Android version of daWindci Deluxe will not be coming out today.

We were told it was originally. However, we have since been informed that the game will not appear on Android until later this summer.

The Windows Phone version has come out today, though. In fact, you can grab it right here. As covered previously, the iOS version is also available right now.

Original story follows...

Mimimi Productions has released daWindci Deluxe on iOS today. It will be coming to Android and Windows Phone tomorrow.

Deluxe improves upon the Bronze Award-winning DaWindci with new mechanics, puzzles, and more lively art style and particle effects.

The original DaWindci had you swiping to create wind in order to push a hot air balloon around, collecting stars, and navigating small levels.

It's fair to say it's one of the most relaxing puzzle games on iOS, even three years after its release.

Despite that, as well as winning an Apple Design Award, Mimimi wasn't happy with it.

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But with today's technology and plenty of player feedback, Mimimi was able to create a version of daWindci that was closer to its original vision for the game.

"[The wind] can now be drawn in free forms, almost like using finger paint. It's much more intuitive than the original and feels absolutely great," Dominik Abe, Mimimi's creative director said.

He's not wrong - it does feel very swish, and adds to the game's serene tone.

In Deluxe, you can also draw more than wind with your finger. You'll unlock the ability to draw hurricanes and lightning, too.

You'll need these new elements in order to get through daWindci Deluxe's 50 levels. Still, it's not to be rushed, Mimimi emphasises that it's a game to be played at your own pace.

You can purchase daWindci Deluxe for £1.99 / $2.99 on the App Store right now.

As previously mentioned, it will be available to purchase for Android and Windows Phone from July 18th onwards.