Darklings Season 2
| Darklings Season 2

Darklings Season 2 is essentially a slightly more cumbersome, free to play version of Darklings. All it appears to add to the formula is obfuscation and a shop.

You're still scrawling squiggles onto the screen with a finger in order to destroy creatures of the dark, although this time it seems a little less punishing when it comes to getting your symbols just right.

There are still boss fights, as well as a new tug of war multiplayer mode that sees you picking a side and winning points by completing single player levels.

But there's a distinct lack of polish, especially with the translation, and the UI you have to navigate to get to the core the gameplay is particularly off-putting.

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Darklings Season 2

While the original Darklings was a great idea well implemented, this second season loses its way