Vampire MMO Dark Legends receives massive content updates

Content you can sink your teeth into

Vampire MMO Dark Legends receives massive content updates

Spacetime Studios announced that its Vampire MMORPG Dark Legends has received major changes in response to player feedback.

In this update, the character level cap will be increased to level 26. Additionally, a new power – Flame Aura – will be made available to characters level 23 or above.

Outside of the level cap increase players can look forward to a new bossfight campaign with the game’s long-time antagonist, the vampire hunter Dr. Kriegberg.

Energy’s out, everything’s on sale

Dark Legends will also see a massive overhaul of its in-game store, with prices of items being reduced by 50-90 per cent in an attempt to provide a bit of balance to casual players. Platinum, the in-game currency, will also be on sale until July 2nd.

Spacetime Studios notes that while Platinum will only be on sale for a limited time, the reduced prices in the game’s store will be a permanent revision to the game.

All of these changes come are in addition to the previously announced removal of the energy mechanic, which was implemented as a means of controlling player progress.