Freemium vampire MMO Dark Legends digs its fangs into iOS

Plenty of fun at stake

Freemium vampire MMO Dark Legends digs its fangs into iOS
| Dark Legends

Spacetime's gorgeously rendered, blood-soaked MMO Dark Legends has finally arrived on the App Store, after having dug its fangs into Android last month.

As mentioned by its creator in an interview with PG a fews weeks back, Dark Legends takes a firm, and welcome, step away from the effeminate portrayal of vampires so fashionable in modern pop culture.

Instead of getting bogged down in relationship angst and underhand scheming, then, Dark Legends gamers are granted the chance to play as blade-wielding vampires who gleefully slash zombies, impale werewolves, and go fang-to-fang with other supernatural beasties - as well as the occasional human.

One of the neatest tricks Dark Legends has up its sleeve is cross-platform play - this enables owners of smartphones (both on Android and iOS) to play alongside PC and Mac users.

This online gameplay is split between competitive and collaborative. The former consists of all manner of PvP mayhem and brawling, while the latter allows friends or other random players to lend a helping fang in challenging boss fights or missions.

You can download the free-to-play, Silver Award-winning Dark Legends from the App Store now for iPhone and iPad.