Kabam gives Clash of Clans a sci-fiction makeover for its Dark District

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Kabam gives Clash of Clans a sci-fiction makeover for its Dark District
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If there's one mobile gaming genre that's more competitive than match-3 at the moment it's city/army-building strategy.

Still, having demonstrated its success with games like Kingdoms of Camelot and Fast & Furious 6: The Movie, US publisher Kabam is happy to take on Clash of Clans.

Its latest game brings a sci-fi theme to the table.

Similar but different

Called Dark District, it has the usual 'build your base and then build an army and attack everything in sight' gameplay.

There's also the usual two resource approach to the building process (in this case Alloy and Helium), but you do have slightly more control in the attack phase as you can tap on enemy structures to direct your troops.

The user interface is very clean, and while the game doesn't have a 3D rotational camera, all the buildings and troops are in 3D and you can really zoom into the action

Another interesting difference compared to Supercell's game is that you don't use hard currency to buy more builders, instead spending it to speed up individual building projects.

Now out for iOS, and coming to Android in early 2014, Dark District is a free-to-play game; the first from Kabam's San Francisco development team (if you're interested in that sort of thing).

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