Daily Dadish is an upcoming retro-inspired platformer where you can only play one level per day

Daily Dadish is an upcoming retro-inspired platformer where you can only play one level per day
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Independent game developer Thomas K Young has announced a new instalment in the Dadish series called Daily Dadish. It's set to release for iOS, Android, PC and Nintendo Switch on February 8th.

Much like its predecessor, Daily Dadish is a retro-inspired platformer that sees the titular parent/vegetable jumping his way through a series of obstacles. The twist is that you can only complete one level each day. That's right. There are 365 stages, each becoming available to play on a certain day. So, if you want to complete them all, Daily Dadish will have to become part of your routine.

Discussing the inspiration behind Daily Dadish, developer Thomas K Young said: “It might sound strange, but my biggest inspiration for Daily Dadish was actually Wordle. I really enjoyed having a new puzzle to try every day, so I decided to apply the same concept to Dadish.”

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Beyond the full-year advent calendar gimmick, Daily Dadish promises to deliver the same experience that's seen the series get downloaded by over four million people. That means silly but endearing one-liners and stellar platforming. The soundtrack will feature remixes of tracks from the previous Dadish games, so I'm confident saying it'll make for a good listen.

Aside from the titular hero, Daily Dadish will have ten playable characters to unlock as you race to beat each level. If you're the competitive type, completing them quickly will see you earn medals and stars that you can use as evidence of your platforming prowess.

Daily Dadish will release on the App Store and Google Play on February 8th, 2023, as a free-to-play game with ads. Alternatively, on the same day, it will also launch on PC and Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

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