iPod gets a first-person-shooter... without Apple's permission!

Indie developer unveils Cyboid

iPod gets a first-person-shooter... without Apple's permission!
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You may remember Cyboid from previous articles here on Pocket Gamer – it started life as a Symbian mobile game, before making the leap to N-Gage QD.

Well, developer Bobbee Tec has now taken it a step further, producing a version that works on the latest iPods. It's the first first-person shooter to appear on the device, and what's more, it's entirely unofficial.

What that means is that the game has been created without Apple's support – the company keeps a tight rein on what games are released for its flagship MP3 player – although Bobbee Tec says it hopes Apple will like what it sees, and agree to publish the game.

The developer tells us it plans to support older iPods if the demand is out there, but in the meantime it's posted a video showing the game in action on a new model, which we've served up for you below. Let us know what you think – and particularly if you reckon the iPod's controls are up to a fully-fledged FPS.

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