Custom Robo Arena gets Euro release date

Goodbye radio controlled circular saws, hello bi-pedal battle mechs

Custom Robo Arena gets Euro release date
| Custom Robo Arena

It's all about Custom Robo Arena on the DS at the Pocket Gamer office today. Not only has our writer Tracy Erickson been getting his thumbs around the Virtual On-alike for today's review, but after extending our telescopic robotic grappler out into the internet we have also managed to snaffle the official release date.

And the great news for robot duelling fans sick of Craig Charles's Robot Wars commentary and the sight of grimly-recycled BB2 sets dowsed in Doctor Who prop hand-me-downs, is that Custom Robo Arena will be rolling out across Europe on May 25th.

Who knows? Having filled a multiplayer gap in the DS catalogue with aplomb, Custom Robo Arena might just end up a sleeper hit in the console's summer line-up.