Cubinko is an upcoming match-3 puzzler with a lovely art style that's heading for iOS next month

Releasing for Apple devices on October 14th

Cubinko is an upcoming match-3 puzzler with a lovely art style that's heading for iOS next month
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Cubinko is an upcoming match-3 puzzler from independent developer Rodolfo Seabra, also known as Neo Maze. The developer says it will be a new take on the genre with mechanics and a unique art style not commonly found in other match-3's.

That latter statement is definitely true, Cubinko certainly stands out from the match-3 crowd with its colourful hand-drawn art style. Instead of the usual view with various coloured gems that continuously drop-down, Seabra has opted for a shape in the middle where you'll place different pieces yourself.

That means instead of looking for matches by sliding pieces around, you'll be looking to create them yourself by dragging the pieces onto the board. These pieces can contain up to four blocks of different colours which can be rotated before being slotted onto the board.

To make the blocks disappear you'll need to place 3 or more of the same colour near each other, obviously. Since you can place multiple blocks at once, it will be possible to match three blocks of different colours too and naturally, the more you destroy simultaneously the greater your score. You can check out some gameplay in the embedded trailer below. 

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There will be two different game variants to tackle in Cubinko. The first is Arcade mode where there is no time limit but there are missions to complete in order to continue playing. Time Attack meanwhile lacks the mission element but you'll be looking to match pieces against the clock. Beyond that, other options include a day or night colour theme, depending on your preference.

Cubinko is available to pre-order now over on the App Store ahead of its launch on October 14th. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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