Crazy Penguin Freezeway

Place a real-life penguin in a do-or-die battle with a rampaging polar bear on an empty stomach and we'd back only one outcome.

In true underdog style, though, that's exactly what you'll be doing in Crazy Penguin Freezeway, the latest entry in Digital Chocolate's often entertaining series.

As one of three unlockable penguins, you have to traverse floating ice flow platforms and gather keys in order to reach the safety of your igloo.

Polar bear necessities

In the touchscreen build of Crazy Penguin Freezeway, you move your penguin via a virtual thumbstick. This allows you to manoeuvre your penguin avatar up, down, left, or right on his way across the top-down tundra.

You can distract the aforementioned bear by throwing a fish for him to chomp on while you sneak past. You'll have to watch out for turtle-shaped sinking platforms (and the obligatory cracked platforms), mind, which will only remain stable for a set time before dunking you in the drink.

Which, thinking about it, shouldn't really be a problem for a penguin.

You want ice?

The levels are displayed on a world map screen reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 3, with the idea being to collect balloons and unlock new sections by completing levels quickly.

While there's definitely some fun to be had navigating your flightless bird around the ice flows, the gameplay never really develops beyond that initial concept.

Good to p-p-pick up and play, then, but the more time you spend next to its icy waters, the colder your opinion will become of the game.

Crazy Penguin Freezeway

Crazy Penguin Freezeway is a compulsive Frogger-like game, but it's best played in short doses