Crayon Physics Deluxe iPhone on sale this week, 59p/99c

First in a weekly sale from Hudson

Crayon Physics Deluxe iPhone on sale this week, 59p/99c

Way back in 2008, when the App Store was still a largely unproven platform, the announcement of Crayon Physics Deluxe was one the of the things that made us think the iPhone might just be a gaming contender.

A follow up to the IGF winning PC title Crayon Physics, Crayon Physic Deluxe challenges you to bring a ball into contact with a star by drawing shapes that behave according to the laws of physics, falling if unsupported and forming bridges, fulcrums, slopes, and so on for the ball to travel across.

The Deluxe edition also comes with a level editor. It's not perfect, allowing you as it does to get away with aimless groping when skill and intelligence fail you, but it's still a significant game that deserves to be played, particularly now that it's 59p/99c all week, down from £2.99/$4.99.

Following the accepted iPhone game retail model of heavily discounting already cheap games, publisher Hudson has announced that it's going to be selling a game at a bargain price every week. The rest of February will feature Moon Dancer, Slyder Adventures, Catch The Egg, and Cake Mania 3.

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