Draw a path to Google Play and grab Crayon Physics Deluxe for £1.69/$2.99

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Draw a path to Google Play and grab Crayon Physics Deluxe for £1.69/$2.99

Indie developer Petri Purho has finally released his IGF Award-winning puzzler Crayon Physics Deluxe on Google Play.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this multi-award-winning title, your aim is to guide a ball across multiple hand-drawn 2D stages, collecting stars along the way.

Naturally, there's a catch: You can't control the on-screen ball directly. Instead, you have to move the ball by drawing ramps, hinges, ropes, and a variety of complex Rube Goldberg-style machines.

Crayon Physics Deluxe was released on the iPhone back in 2009, where it nabbed an impressive Pocket Gamer Bronze Award from reviewer Spanner Spencer.

He said that, at times "too many puzzles are solved by chance rather than skill", but noted that Crayon Physics Deluxe is still "a hugely entertaining concept that deserves recognition". Nuff said, really.

You can grab Crayon Physics Deluxe from Google Play right this second for £1.69 / $2.99.

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