Check out the winners for Apple's Design Awards 2024

The awards are given for excellence in design and other aspects

Check out the winners for Apple's Design Awards 2024
  • The finalists for Apple's Design Awards 2024 are here
  • Check out each winner in games for each category
  • Apple's yearly awards recognise excellence for games and apps on iOS

Apple's 2024 Design Awards winners have been announced! Including those in categories such as Visuals & Graphics, Inclusivity and Delight & Fun, Apple's Design Awards are given for excellence to apps and games on iOS.

To give a brief overview for those who are new to the design awards (Which we've covered previously in 2022 and 2023), these accolades are split between apps and games. That means for each category there are two winners; naturally, we'll be focusing on the latter with those games that have won.

Specifically, we'll also be focusing on the mobile games of course, although we'll make mention of winners in the games section for each category anyway.

So, who took home the prize? Let's have a look:

Delight & Fun - NYT Games

A screenshot of the NYT Games homepage

The New York Times' new subscription-based games service takes home the prize for delight & fun. And while those of us who aren't crossword aficionados might disagree, there's no denying that for fans of logic and word puzzles, the NYT still sets the standard for complexity and depth.

Inclusivity - Crayola Adventures

A screenshot of Crayola Adventures

Red Games Co's adventure game (and recipient of a Pocket Gamer Gold) take on the great childhood creative tool of Crayola is praised highly for its inclusivity aspects. The ability to customise everything from full skin tone to pronouns and more is singled out for helping create an inclusive environment for an all-ages audience.

Innovation - Lost in Play

A screenshot of point-and-tap adventure game Lost In Play

Utilising the narrative of childhood imagination, Lost In Play's use of point-and-tap adventure mechanics without the use of narration is considered to be a great new way to introduce players to the genre and "ignites a childlike sense of discovery."

Interaction - Rytmos

The title-screen of puzzle game Rytmos

Challenging players to solve simple, but challenging, puzzles while building a complex musical composition. Rytmos takes home the prize for interaction in inspiring players to absorb the entirety of the information being presented in an innovative way.

Social Impact - The Wreck

A screenshot of narrative game The Wreck

While it can be hard to measure social impact in a concrete way, narrative games can do a great deal to explore complex issues. The Wreck puts you in the shoes of writer Junon, who is faced with an impossible decision when she is called into hospital. It's an experience many can connect with, and even those who can't will find it educational.

Visuals & Graphics - Lies of P

A screenshot of Soulsborne game Lies of P

This is one we'll have to brush over a bit, as it is only available on Mac. However, virtually anyone who has seen this mix of Pinocchio and Soulsborne can't deny that its unique graphical style is a treat for the eyes on whichever platform you play it.

Spatial Computing - Blackbox

And here's the big one! Okay, well not THAT big, but it's definitely important. After all, Apple has been heavily pushing the Vision Pro in the past few months. However, those hoping for something truly innovative might be disappointed by the rather simple mix of 

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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