Crashlands 2, the sequel to the hit sci-fi survival game, is revealed at long last

Crashlands 2, the sequel to the hit sci-fi survival game, is revealed at long last

The sequel to the comic book-like survival RPG Crashlands, properly entitled Crashlands 2, has been announced to be coming to mobile devices courtesy of Netflix’s game storefront. This new entry into the Crashlands canon comes with a ton of new mechanics, some super-enhanced graphics that still keep the original visual flair of the first game, and plenty more as well.

Crashlands was quite a success upon launching, having seen a steady player base back then on every platform it was released upon. Gameplay-wise, the game plays akin to something like Don’t Starve as a top-down survival game that sees you attempting to brave the harsh wilderness of an alien sci-fi world. Along the way, you interact with various characters and slowly piece apart the story which doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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With the sequel, there’s all of that and more. You’ll still be surviving upon a planet that wants you dead, you’ll be crafting various tools and items to help you do so, all of the usual shebang that comes with the survival genre. Of course, you can expect a massive increase in the number of things to do, areas to explore, and NPCs to encounter within the sequel.

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There’s some real opportunity for lots of emergent gameplay within Crashlands 2 specifically, as they tout that the new world is very lively and will react to what the player does. You can lure wildlife into other creatures, use your items to complete quest objectives in unique ways, and much much more.

For now, we don’t have a solid release date, but we do have a window of 2024. Crashlands 2 will be coming to mobile devices as well as PC much like its younger sibling, so stay tuned for more news about the game as it is slowly revealed throughout the rest of the year.

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