Crab War, the popular idle RPG, receives St. Patricks themed update

Crab War, the popular idle RPG, receives St. Patricks themed update
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The action-adventure idle game Crab Wars has received an event update to honour St. Patrick's Day. With this update, players will be able to achieve an abundance of rewards by collecting various materials and exchanging them in-game.

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, developer Appxplore is offering players a chance at an insane amount of in-game rewards. To receive these various goodies, you’ll be collecting clovers from Leprechaun butterflies that you can find while playing the game as normal, and exchange them for rainbow-tastic rewards that will further power up your crustacean army.

The specific items up for grabs using those clovers are a new Horseshoe Clover Shell that will allow you to dress up your crabs in a brilliant viridian hue. Alongside this new shell, you can also get yourself the Lucky Pipes Shell, which will allow you to blow all your enemies away using the power of crab music. And to go even further, a new bundle is up for grabs in the real money store that is packed with missable goodies at an ultra-rare value. All-in-all, this update is offering a lot of free stuff alongside some purchasable fun, giving both free-to-play players and paid players opportunities to enjoy the festivities.

For the unaware, Crab War is an idle boss killing game centred around, you guessed it, crabs and other underwater creatures to do battle with. You’ll amass an army of over 80 beautifully designed crabs alongside 33 unique queens that will lead your crustacean army into battle. As of the time of writing, the game has a little over 50 bosses to hunt down with your army, but it is updated fairly often, so more are likely on the horizon. Of course, you’ll also be evolving and leveling up your army to take on even tougher bosses.

If idle RPGs are your thing, Crab War might just be your next favourite idle game. Sitting at a favourable 4.5 stars with over 5,000 reviews, you can find it for free on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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