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CLUEDO comes to Switch with a new local multiplayer mode and Sherlock-themed add-on

Here's a clue for you

CLUEDO comes to Switch with a new local multiplayer mode and Sherlock-themed add-on

CLUEDO (or CLUE as it's known in the US) is the perfect example of how to make a digital version of a classic board game. It’s full of its own ideas, though it still feels faithful to the original. And now, two years after its initial launch on mobile, and one year since its launch on Steam, it’s finally arrived on the Nintendo eShop with a brand new update that adds exciting new modes, characters, and boards.

If you’re new to CLUEDO, it all revolves around uncovering the details of a gruesome murder. You’ll need to examine the evidence on offer, determine what weapon was used in the killing, and work out where about it actually happened. Selecting the real culprit can be tricky, seeing as none of them are particularly trustworthy, so you’ll need to make full use of your deduction skills in order to win.

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Since its initial launch CLUEDO fans have been asking for a local multiplayer mode. Originally it was said to not be possible due to the game requiring you to keep clues and notes hidden from other players. However, Marmalade Game Studio has now come up with a great solution.

By using the game’s new companion app, you’ll be able to take down notes or clues and make sure that nobody else can see them. The app is named Cluesheet Companion, and you can download it now for Android or iOS. Oh, and those who already own the mobile game CLUEDO: The Official Edition or Clue: The Classic Mystery Game will be able to use the app to try out the local multiplayer mode on Switch.

If that wasn’t already enough, the new update also brings us a Sherlock-themed game board and a total of nine new characters to play with, including Dr Watson, Moriarty, and Holmes himself. The add-on is now available for purchase, though season pass holders will of course be able to download it for free.

So best clean out your pipe, put on your nicest deerstalker, and head on over to the Switch store to try out CLUEDO for yourself. And for the companion app, you can find it to download it from the App Store and Google Play.

CLUEDO: The Official Edition for Switch (UK/European version):
CLUE: The Classic Mystery Game for Switch (US version):