Class of Heroes II coming to PSP and PS Vita via PSN

One classy RPG

Class of Heroes II coming to PSP and PS Vita via PSN

Good news for fans of jRPG dungeon crawlers. Despite failing in its Kickstarter campaign, MonkeyPaw Games will release Class of Heroes II digitally over the PSN.

We reported on the ambitious project at the end of March, but after a month of campaigning it failed to raise even 20 per cent of its goal funds.

While this means no physical copies of Class of Heroes II will be released outside of Japan in the near future, MonkeyPaw Games made good on its promise to forge ahead with the localisation of the digital copy.

Hero school, now in session

Class of Heroes II integrates a fast-paced Wizardy-style battle system that challenges players to balance melee, magic, and ranged characters with special attention paid to their positioning in the party.

Featuring 10 playable races and 18 classes to choose from, players will not want for variety in their parties as they make their way through the indoor and outdoor dungeons of the game.

Monkeypaw Games posted on The PlayStation Blog that Class of Heroes II will be released in the fall of 2012 for both the PSP and PS Vita. Both versions will support local wireless play, allowing players to swap items with friends who also have the game.

With more than and 140 quests to complete and 25 dungeons to explore, Class of Heroes II certainly will have a generous amount of gameplay to offer.

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