Clash of Clans' Game Lead gives a brief look at the current and future state of the game as new features get introduced

Almost a decade old but still going strong

Clash of Clans' Game Lead gives a brief look at the current and future state of the game as new features get introduced
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The Game Lead for Clash of Clans dropped by today to give fans a brief look at what’s to come on the wildly popular title that’s been out for years now. It’s been almost a decade since its release and it is still going strong. We’ve seen numerous changes and updates being made to the game, both big and small, all of which have made sure that players have something fresh to look forward to. The recent update that introduced the Clan Capital has divided gameplay into three distinctive elements and here’s a look at the future for each of them.

Clan Capital

While the Clan Wars feature that’s been around for years did allow players to engage in an actual Clash of Clans, there was always a disparity between players due to the variances in the Town Hall levels, upgrades, troops, and more. The Clan Capital makes it an equal ground for everyone so it feels like each member has a significant contribution and they are actually battling together. The developers will constantly work on the Clan Capital, adding new districts and features, a list of which they have ready to deploy.

Home Village

This forms the core of Clash of Clans. The amount of diversity that has been created in the Home Village over these years is absolutely crazy. With so many types of builds and different ways to attack, the game has evolved so much that it is overwhelming for newcomers. The team, however, is working to ensure that newbies have a smooth and welcoming experience. A new Town Hall level will probably come only every 18 months, giving veterans enough time to perfect their base and the newer players time to catch up. In the meantime, newer features will be added.

Build Base

For a quicker challenge, the Builder Base was a perfect gameplay element that allowed players who prefer messy combat and fast-paced action that requires quick thinking. But it now seems as if it's just a superficial Home Village with random Versus Battles. So, it looks like the Builder Base is set to undergo a massive overhaul in order to ensure that it is sufficiently different from the Home Village and is super fun to play.

Big changes have come and will keep coming to Clash of Clans. But it's clear that the game is nowhere to go as the developers are still ensuring great gameplay for players. You can download Clash of Clans now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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