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Six Reasons to Play Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 Edition on Android

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Six Reasons to Play Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 Edition on Android

Back in 1992, a puzzle game called Chip’s Challenge lit a fire under the PC gaming community and became one of the first experiments in software modding enabling passionate players to create and share their very own levels online. In 2014, the game’s original creator, Chuck Sommerville brought us Chuck’s Challenge, a spiritual successor that maintained all the inventiveness and community spirit of that PC classic while taking advantage of the benefits of current gaming technology. Now a major update to the game brings SHIELD gamers the definitive version of one of the best puzzle games ever with Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016.

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It is a Thing of Rare Beauty
It’s probably unfair to refer to Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 as merely an update. Developer Niffler decided providing a few extra levels and a few added bells and whistles wasn’t good enough. This is particularly obvious on the graphics front where they introduced a completely new graphics engine and retooled the whole thing from scratch. The new CC3D Game Engine 2.0 fully leverages the new features of Unity 3D enabling the devs to deliver a super smooth experience with amazing new character animations and effects including wonderful new psychedelic visuals when you use the game’s undo feature to go back in time after making a mistake.

By the Power of NVIDIA
Niffler have worked closely with NVIDIA to ensure that Ultra 2016 is the definitive Chuck’s Challenge experience cramming every feature from the PC desktop version onto the SHIELD Android TV platform. SHIELD gamers will be able to take advantage of their device’s advanced Tegra technology to pump the graphical settings up to “Fantastic”, activate Mini-Blur effects and use SHIELD controller functionality.

Chuck’s Challenge came with a generous helping of 125 levels split over five individual bundles. Ultra 2016 delivers a whole new bundle of 25 levels to play through. Flummery is the latest package of developer-designed levels and provides a series of challenges that are challenging as ever and this time, you won’t get game designer Chuck Somerville’s in-game avatar holding your hand. Flummery throws down the ultimate Chuck’s Challenge gauntlet.

Shiny New Things
Niffler have spent the past two years working on the Ultra 2016 edition and the results speak for themselves. As we’ve already mentioned the game engine has been completely overhauled and there a bunch of new levels, but there’s even more stuff to be enjoyed. As those familiar with the game will already know, the character you control – Woop – is accompanied by a number of his pets who play an integral part in the structure. This update brings five new pet categories into play along with seven additional game elements resulting in even more complex puzzles and more creative possibilities when using the level designer. There are also three new original music tracks to accompany the new levels.

Take Control
Not all the improvements are visible. A lot has been done under the hood to improve the experience. We’ve already touched on the SHIELD controller functionality. This is particularly interesting because using the digital directional controls gives you more precision when moving around the levels and in fact is the way the original Chip’s Challenge was designed to be played. Also, Woop is now able to more intelligently interpret his surroundings so he can move diagonally and avoid walls, which makes improving your completion times much easier. As a result competitive play is even more intense.

Join the Party
All this new stuff is, of course, available to you inside the level editor making the experience with Chuck’s Challenge an even richer experience. Get to grips with the new objects and pets and you’ll be sharing your creations online with other fans in no time.

SHIELD owners can experience the ultimate puzzle experience with Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016, which is now available to download on Google Play.