Tencent announces the Global Star Challenge tournament for Chess Rush

$10,000 up for grabs

Tencent announces the Global Star Challenge tournament for Chess Rush
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Having only launched earlier this month, Tencent has today announced the first competitive tournament for its smash-hit auto battler Chess Rush. The event is called the Global Star Challenge tournament, and it’ll see influencers from around the globe fighting it out to win their share of the cash prizes.

As with most gaming sites, we’ve had a lot to say about the Auto Chess genre recently. Companies both big and small have tried to get in on the action, with only three clear winners slowly emerging: Auto Chess, Dota Underlords, and Chess Rush.

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Chess Rush, if you didn’t know, is an auto battler that sees 8 players face off against one another on an 8x8 board. Victory is only achieved once you've knocked all 7 rivals out of the race, and the game also offers an intense turbo mode which is especially fast-paced, lasting only 10 minutes. There are currently over 50 heroes for you to choose from to build your ultimate formation.

If you just can’t get enough of Auto Chess, we’ve got cheats and tips for Dota Underlords and a feature where we decide definitively which mobile Auto Chess game is the best – Auto Chess vs Dota Underlords vs Chess Rush.

Tencent's event is an invitational tournament that will feature 8 influencers from all over the world, including Russia, North American, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Germany, Brazil, and Japan. They’ll all battle it out over two rounds, with the first round testing their skills in classic mode and the second ramping up the challenge in turbo mode. The first-place prize is a whopping $10,000, second is $5,000, and third is $1000.

You can download Chess Rush for free over on the App Store and Google Play, and remember to look out for the Global Star Challenge tournament when it begins on July 27th. More info can also be found over on Chess Rush’s official site.

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