Championship Manager 2010 kicking off 'very soon' on PSP

A (Playstation Mini) game of two halves

Championship Manager 2010 kicking off 'very soon' on PSP

Football may be a funny old game, but football management sims are no laughing matter.

Juggling the demands of your board, the fans, the players, and the media, not to mention out-manoeuvring other teams tactically on the field, is about as funny as a two-footed tackle from behind, but as tense and adrenaline-fuelled as a penalty shoot-out.

Their addictive and complex nature doesn’t seem to be an obvious candidate for a PlayStation minis, but that’s not stopped Eidos from announcing the first Championship Manager title on the PSP since 2007 on the service.

While no details have been released yet, from the screenshots it looks like Championship Manager 2010 will be based on the recent iPhone version from the same development team, Dynamo Games, which received a generally positive response from reviewers on the App Store.

The few details that are confirmed indicate that the game will feature real team names and players from a number of leagues across the world and that the media interaction from the iPhone version is present in this iteration.

The release date is currently ‘very soon’, so keep your eyes peeled on the PlayStation Store over the next few weeks.