Better late than never - Cave Story is coming to the European eShop this May

What's two years between friends?

Better late than never - Cave Story is coming to the European eShop this May
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The indie hit platformer Cave Story is finally making its way to the European eShop on May 1.

This eShop release isn't to be confused with Cave Story 3D, released back in 2011. Instead, it's the version released in North America back in 2012 that features the DSiWare version's Jukebox mode and the additional modes contained in Cave Story+.

As we said back in May 2012, "all these versions of Cave Story are getting a bit confusing, and are perhaps overkill - but if you still haven't got around to playing the game, you need to take a good hard look at your life."

Digging deeper

Cave Story - if you've somehow managed to miss it - follows the story of an amnesiac hero who awakens on an island full of adorable rabbit / puppy hybrid critters known as Mimigas.

But all's not well in this bizarre paradise - the hero soon finds himself thrust into the role of a saviour who must thwart the plans of an evil Doctor intent on forcing the denizens of the land to fight for him in a madcap bid to take over the world.

Sound like something you'd like to add to your collection of downloadable 3DS games? Well, mister or miss European gamer, your wait is almost over.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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