Card Hog, the roguelite dungeon crawler, will release on mobile in January 2021

Battle your way through card-based dungeons with the titular hog

Card Hog, the roguelite dungeon crawler, will release on mobile in January 2021
| Card Hog

SnoutUp's card and pig-based dungeon crawler initially released for Steam in Early Access back in June. The team has since been working on a mobile version of the game – which is currently available in Early Access for Android – and today we can exclusively reveal it will be heading for iOS in January 2021.

Card Hog will see players making their way through card-based dungeons as a porcine hero, gathering loot and battling dangerous enemies as they go. It will require a smidgen of tactical nous to make good combinations out of the cards that are available on each floor of the dungeon, which will include several different weapons, spells and skills.

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As you may have guessed from the card-based nature of the game, Card Hog will also have deck-building elements that will allow players to adjust their strategies to suit their playstyle. Beyond that, there are permanent upgrades in typical rogue-lite fashion to give a constant feeling of progression.

There will be multiple different pig heroes to unlock too, with each having their own unique abilities that will mix up the gameplay. For instance, Pygro will leave a trail in its wake whilst with Cowboy's body attacks will deal additional damage compared to other characters. 

Given the turn-based nature of the game, it'll feature fairly straightforward touchscreen controls with a mixture of swipes and taps required to carry out any action. You can check out some gameplay from Card Hog in the embedded trailer above.

Card Hog is available now over on Google Play in Early Access and will be heading to the App Store in January 2021. SnoutUp is continuously thinking of ways to update the game too, so you can expect it to continue to grow even post-launch.

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