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Carcassonne is now available for iOS once again, this time developed by Asmodee Digital

Asmodee has previously released the game on Android and Switch

Carcassonne is now available for iOS once again, this time developed by Asmodee Digital

In mid-February TheCodingMonkey's announced that their iOS version of Carcassonne would be removed from the App Store after their contract with Hans im Glück came to an end. They also mentioned that it would be replaced with Asmodee Digital's interpretation of the board game, which is now available for iOS.

Asmodee Digital is no stranger to Carcassonne. They released their version of the game for Android back in 2017 and have also ported it to Switch and PC. Emily reviewed the Android version of the game when it launched, finding it to be a 'polished and feature-packed version of one of the best digital board games'.

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Depending on your setup there are multiple different ways to play the game. If you'd rather not interact with people whatsoever or simply want to test out different tactics and strategies you can play against the AI.

There are 4 different behaviours you can select for your AI opponents, depending on the kind of challenge you're looking for. If you want to take on the very best Asmodee Digital's Carcassonne AI can throw at you then you'll want to opt for the Conqueror AI.

Meanwhile, if enjoy playing against other people then you can do so in the online mode and face off against players from across the world. There is also a Pass and Play option if you're currently self-isolating and happen to live with up to 4 other Carcassonne fans or board game enthusiasts.

Asmodee Digital's version of Carcassonne is now available on the App Store where it's a premium title that costs $4.99/£4.99 with further IAPs for different expansions. Meanwhile, it's also available over on Google Play where - in the UK at least - it is currently reduced to £2.79.

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