Car Jack Streets confirmed for Nintendo DSi

TAG Games is moving in on Chinatown territory

Car Jack Streets confirmed for Nintendo DSi
| Car Jack Streets

Car Jack Streets has proven to be one of the mobile's and iPhone's most popular titles of the last 12 months, thanks to its real-time take on the original Grand Theft Auto premise.

What's great about this comparison is that the developer, TAG Games, is probably quite happy with it, considering its team is made up of people who worked on the original crime sim game.

Anyway, Car Jack Streets has been tearing up the App Store for a while now, and we did hear rumours that it could be migrating to other handheld systems before long.

The developer just put out a tweet confirming that Car Jack Streets is coming to the DSi. Given that it specified Nintendo's handheld update, it's probably quite reasonable to assume that Car Jack Streets DS is going to be a download title from DSiWare, though we'll let you know as soon as we do.