iPhone C64 emulator returns to the App Store

The beige beast is back

iPhone C64 emulator returns to the App Store
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Ask Jack Tramiel and I'm sure he'll tell you the Commodore 64 had more than its share of difficulties in getting to the market, and Manomio's C64 emulator for the iPhone has certainly had its own share of difficulties. But just as we promised last week, C64 is now back on the App Store at £2.99, and this time for good.

Version 1.1 of C64 takes care of the BASIC glitch that prompted Apple to remove it after just two days, but developer Manomio has also taken the opportunity to optimise C64's performance, add extra games and make some improvements to the user interface.

"Manomio wishes to thank all of the loyal supporters and hope you'll stick with us as we have great things coming for v1.2 and beyond," says Manomio's Brian Lyscarz.

The current version of C64 comes bundled with Dragons Den, Le Mans, International Basketball, International Soccer, International Tennis, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack, with more classic 8-bit games in the works.

Version 1.2 will also make use of in-app purchases to deliver more games and content to C64, but there's no cause to wait. These are free updates, so don't dawdle in getting to the App Store to pick up C64. Everything is hunky dory with Apple again, but you never know if the iPhone manufacturer might have one of its trademark mood swings.

Hit the Buy It! button to jump over to the App Store to grab C64 right now. Retro gaming rules!

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