Apple approves Manomio's C64 2.0 app, complete with BASIC

Thanks to a little clause called 3.2.2

Apple approves Manomio's C64 2.0 app, complete with BASIC
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Last week, Apple relaxed its rules about executable code in apps on the App Store (among other things), and C64 developer Manomio promptly responded by resubmitting a version of its C64 app complete with BASIC emulator, which was previously removed at Apple's request.

“We're cautiously optimistic after very positive correspondence with Apple”, Manomio wrote on Twitter.

It seems the developer's optimism was well-founded. Manomio CTO Stuart Carnie has just dropped Pocket Gamer a line to say that Apple has approved C64 2.0. The message from Apple reads, “The following app [Commodore 64] has been approved. The status has changed to Ready for Sale.”

C64 is an Commodore 64 emulator complete with virtual controls and, now, BASIC. It contains a mix of free and paid for games available as in-app purchases. The latest update added support for multiple-disk games, refined joystick controls, and other tweaks.

C64 is available now for £2.99 / $4.99.