C64 emulator back in App Store approvals system

Third time's a charm?

C64 emulator back in App Store approvals system
| C64

Manomio's C64 emulator has generated a lot of excitement since Pocket Gamer exclusively revealed and previewed it.

But then things went quiet - and not unexpectedly. The notion of an emulator on the iPhone isn't a big problem for Apple, though running the game files (or executing third party code) is.

Manomio, which brought us the adaptation of Amiga classic Flashback, has submitted C64 repeatedly, though no changes managed to push it through to the App Store.

But perseverance is a concept tied very closely to the Commodore 64, as Jack Tramiel would undoubtedly testify, and Manomio has eventually made some progress having recently talked through the submissions problems with Apple's director of applications technology.

The good news is that C64 is now back in the App Store submission queue, and has a better than average chance of being approved (fingers and eyes crossed). Watch this space - as soon as anything happens, we'll get you the full story of an emulator stuck in the black hole of the App Store.