What does a doc called 'Buzz PSP' suggest to you?

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What does a doc called 'Buzz PSP' suggest to you?
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If we were scouts, we'd be given an eagle-eye badge for this spot. It happened during the recent Develop Conference, when we were sitting through David Amor, creative director of Relentless Software's presentation on 'Making Games for Miyamoto's Wife'.

Of course, it was all interesting stuff, and backed with a nicely designed PowerPoint effort, but then our eyes shifted slightly to the right. The PC wasn't running in full-screen mode you see.

And there it was. A Word document entitled 'BUZZ-PSP...' (see photo above).

We scratched our heads. How would the million-selling PlayStation 2 party game with the innovative red button controller work on the PSP? It would surely have to be online, we figured.

Or, maybe, the document's about somehow linking the PSP into a PlayStation 3 version of Buzz!? Shame Relentless can't make the game on DS, really, because we can certainly think of ways in which the handheld's input systems would work well for such a title.

Anyhow, daydreaming session over, we did what any good investigative journalist would do and went through the bins at Relentless last night emailed David Amor.

"At Relentless, we're obviously always thinking about potential new ideas for games. My laptop is therefore host to loads of rough concepts, but unfortunately that doesn't mean they get produced and published (otherwise I'd probably be replying from the Bahamas rather than Brighton)," he said, replying from Brighton.

So, turns out Buzz!: The Quiz for PSP isn't scheduled for release anywhere in the world. Yet.

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