Sony (finally) announces quiz show Buzz! is coming to PSP

We've been expecting this

Sony (finally) announces quiz show Buzz! is coming to PSP
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Far be it for us to be the types who nosily scan people's laptop icons checking what sort of shame their digital lives contain. Well, maybe every now and then, like at last year's Develop Conference in Brighton when – during a presentation by David Amor, creative director of Relentless Software – we spied an intriguing document on his desktop named 'Buzz-PSP'.

After several hours of brain-wracking, we eventually concluded this could mean a PSP version of the Sony-published quiz game Buzz! could be on its way. However, when confronted, David Amor couldn't confirm one way or the other.

But today what began with that humble Word document has become a Sony announcement that Buzz! is indeed on its way to PSP.

Confirmed for a spring release, Buzz! for PSP will pack in over 5,000 questions (across a range of topics such as music, celebrities, TV, sport and nature), as well as 1,000 pictures and licensed videos. It will feature a whopping six new round types specifically designed for PSP, including a Quickfire Challenge, picture puzzle game Picture This and a mind-boggling Virus Challenge.

Back when we first found out the game could be a possibility we had some questions about how the social aspect of the peripheral-reliant, four-player home console game could be replicated on PSP. It seems like it will do it in two ways. First, the game can be played on one PSP by passing the console from one player to another as their turn comes around.

To mix things up, some rounds will let you prey on your opponents' general knowledge weaknesses by choosing who you pass a particular question onto. There will also be opportunities to stitch up other players, such as in the photo rounds when you can choose the segment of photo they'll be able to see.

The second way Buzz! will work in multiplayer is via game sharing, where multiple PSPs can be connected using one copy of the game. Then it's a straightforward 'fastest finger first' competition.

It's all very exciting news for PSP. Buzz! has sold massively well on PS2 and the new features sound well thought out for its PSP translation. Click 'Track It!' to be kept up to speed on its progress.