Burning Tires 3D races onto mobile

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Burning Tires 3D races onto mobile
| Burning Tires 3D

Whilst it might sound like the sort of thing less respectable members of society get up to under railway bridges, Burning Tires is actually a 3D racing game that's just been announced for release next month.

Not that the organisers of its in-game tournaments seem the most responsible of folk – venues for the eight-man race meetings include the wastes of Antarctica and the surfaces of active volcanoes. What's wrong with Monaco?

Still, it all looks very technically capable; Burning Tires 3D should work on a wide range of Java handsets, and it also supports Bluetooth, enabling you to take on up to seven friends in multiplayer mode.

"Gamers will enjoy detailed tracks, with smoothly running 3D graphics, big jumps with great air time and opponents who adapt their driving characteristics to the individual player's skills, to make you sweat the whole race," promised Fishlabs' boss Michael Schade, as he hung a left around a lava plume.

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