English version of exercise/dating game Burn Your Fat With Me heading to Android and iOS

Feel the burn

English version of exercise/dating game Burn Your Fat With Me heading to Android and iOS

One of the many challenges that busy gamers face is balancing their hobby with exercise.

Thanks to the upcoming title from Creative Freaks, Burn Your Fat With Me, gamers will be able to enjoy a traditional Japanese dating sim game while melting off the extra pounds.

Drop and give me twenty

The story of Burn Your Fat With Me kicks off when the player winds up in the same class as his childhood friend, Maya. After striking up a conversation, Maya remarks on the amount of weight that your character has gained and encourages you to work out with her.

When Maya encourages you to exercise, however, she is actually encouraging you- the player- to exercise which is where the gameplay gets interesting.

Maya will hold your character’s ankles down and cheer you on as you do sit-ups with fully-voiced words of encouragement. As you bring your head up to your smartphone (balanced on your knees) the game registers a sit-up and rewards you with more words of encouragement and the chance to do push-ups and squats.

Hurts so good

After completing a few daily fitness routines, Maya will become more attracted to your character. This attraction unlocks more story content in the dating sim portion of the game.

Yet Maya is not the only girl to notice your trimmer physique: soon she must compete with two new girls Yuki (a member of the track team) and Marika (a gymnast) who appear on the dating scene.

Both of the new girls are the stars of expanded exercise modules of the game, and both will encourage the player in their activity of choice. Yuki’s game is a running simulator, while Markia’s fitness regimen is as yet unannounced.

Just a few more to go

Creative Freaks has confirmed via email that an English localisation of Burn Your Fat With Me is already in progress and while there is no official release date, a launch window of summer or fall of 2012 was mentioned for the original game with the sequel (Yuki’s running expansion) to follow later.

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