Innovative platformer Bumpy Road coming to iPhone and iPad

With many a winding turn...

Innovative platformer Bumpy Road coming to iPhone and iPad
| Bumpy Road

Swedish developer Simogo has unveiled innovative iPhone platformer Bumpy Road.

The twee-looking title follows an elderly couple who are out for a drive in their car. Your job is to use a finger to warp the road beneath them, creating a sort of wave that propels them along.

It's a unique concept, backed up by some charmingly French cartoon visuals. Think Belleville Rendezvous meets LocoRoco.

Bumpy Road gives you three ways to play. Sunday Drive offers a time trial challenge, Evergreen Ride is an endless survival mode, and Memory Lane serves up the game's heartwarming story as you unravel the couple's past.

The game will launch as a universal app, and packs Game Center support and Facebook score posting.

The finishing touches are being made as we speak, so expect Bumpy Road to hit the App Store soon.

In the meantime, check out the trailer.

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Richard Meads
Richard Meads
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