Bullseye goes mobile

You could've won a speedboat. Instead you got a mobile game

Bullseye goes mobile
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IIIIIN ONE! Player X is releasing a mobile game based on Bullseye, the classic TV game show hosted by Jim Bowen that featured a mascot called Bully and hundreds of amateur darts players trying (and usually failing) to win caravans and speedboats.

IIIIIN TWO! The game's been developed by Morpheme, and is an accurate reproduction of the original TV format, which combined traditional darts skills with trivia questions (and some pretty shocking clothes).

IIIIIN THREE! Yes, the cheesy humour of the original show has made it into the game, although we're not sure yet if Jim Bowen's catchphrases have too. Bully is definitely involved, though.

IIIII FOUR! It's out now on all operators, and ties in neatly with the recent remake of Bullseye by Challenge TV, which was apparently a roaring success.

IIIIIN FIVE! We'll have a review as soon as we've put Bully through his paces. Click 'Track It!' to get an email when we do.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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