Bulkypix talk up Hysteria Project Episode 2 and less scary stories

20,000 emails can't be wrong

Bulkypix talk up Hysteria Project Episode 2 and less scary stories
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Formed out of the ashes of Vivendi Games's mobile studio, Paris-based developer Bulkypix has quickly got up to speed on the App Store with interactive video thriller Hysteria Project and social high score viral game BaDaBoo.

We caught up with CEO Vincent Dondaine (pictured) to find out what's coming next.

Hysteria Project was an ambitious debut, so what feedback have you got and should we expect more in future?

Hysteria Project was a really good experience. Firstly, because the game is a success from a sales perspective and secondly, we anticipated the feedback we got - i.e. the game is short, the storyline needs to be deeper, and there needs to be more video interaction. We will address these in Episode 2.

From the start, we realised this would be the reaction, but as a small company, when you start out you don't have a lot of money. This was the case for Hysteria Project.

From a concept perspective I have to say you only saw ten to 20 per cent of what we want to bring to this story, and only five per cent of what we are capable of.

Many people have asked us to develop Episode 2 - more than 20,000 emails since mid April - so I will say to everybody that it will come. We want to bring new episodes but are taking the time to address the feedback and so release more episodes with amazing quality.

BaDaBoo is a very different game, so what was the spark of inspiration behind it?

With BaDaBoo we want to launch a social competition on Facebook. The goal is to make the best high score in your social network. BaDaBoo is a simple, cute and casual game. It has been designed so you can play it in 2 or 3 minutes, share your score and that's all. Just enjoy a short burst of entertainment.

Regarding inspiration, we really liked the mini-games you find in Mario DS for example. We wanted to keep the same spirit.

Also, from my point of view, the future of games is social and this is why we are working hard to integrate Facebook Connect and Twitter in our games. Our game designers are open minded so we don't want to stay in same game style. You will find Bulkypix games in every genre in the future.

What can you tell us about your next iPhone project, MyBrute?

I can't say too much about this yet - only that it has plenty of fans around the world who will be very happy soon. There are already more than 700,000 players a day on web.

The iPhone version will bring regular content to create a huge community. There's more news to come on this game soon. Track to see interesting things.

Thanks to Vincent for his time.

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