Digital Chocolate launches Bubble Revolution on mobile

A new spin on the marble popping puzzler

Digital Chocolate launches Bubble Revolution on mobile
| Bubble Revolution

Digital Chocolate has just released a new game for mobile, Bubble Revolution.

As we reported earlier in the year, it's the mobile developer’s take on the Puzz Loop or Zuma-style marble-popping puzzler, whereby you must match three or more coloured balls as they work their way around a series of twisty tracks.

This being a Digital Chocolate game, though, the formula appears to have been enhanced with one or two neat extras.

First up is an element the developer is calling the “Spin-n-shoot game world,” which basically lets you spin the entire level around 360 degrees in order to get the right shot off.

Then there are the giant googly-eyed bosses that populate the Career mode, which must be faced every 11th level.

Of course, it’s all been painted with Digital Chocolate’s distinctively colourful palate, too.

Whether this all means that Bubble Revolution is sufficiently different to its competitors to warrant a purchase remains to be seen. We’ll be popping a review up soon.