Bridge Constructor Portal has its price slashed just in time for release of its "Portal Proficiency" DLC

Big sale on publisher Headup's best games

Bridge Constructor Portal has its price slashed just in time for release of its "Portal Proficiency" DLC

Just in time for the release of its "Portal Proficiency" DLC, the excellent Bridge Constructor Portal has seen its price slashed. It seems to be part of a larger sale for the majority of publisher Headup's mobile games. The sale was first spotted by an eagle-eyed member of our very own App Army.

We first covered the Bridge Constructor spinoff's DLC last week. It looks to offer the hardest set of levels yet, requiring you to manually place portals around each of the levels yourself, creating ever more complex contraptions in the process. On top of the movable portals, you'll also have to get inventive with aerial faith plates, propulsion gel, and repulsion gel.

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While Bridge Constructor Portal is on sale on both Google Play and the App Store, most of these prices are limited to Android only.

So, without further ado, here's a full list of every game in the latest Headup sale:

  • Bridge Constructor Portal Android (£4.99 down to £2.49)
  • Bridge Constructor Portal iOS (down to £1.99)
  • Bridge Constructor Medieval (£1.69 down to £0.89)
  • Bridge Constructor Playground (£1.69 down to £0.89)
  • Bridge Constructor Stunts (£1.69 down to £0.89)
  • Bunker Constructor (£1.79 down to £0.89)
  • Dead Age (£2.99 down to £0.89)
  • In Between (£2.29 down to £0.89)
  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic (£4.99 down to £1.69)
  • race.a.bit (£1.79 down to £0.89)
  • Retro Winter Sports 1986 (£1.59 down to £0.89)
  • RTL Freestyle Skiing (£1.79 down to £0.89)
  • Shiny the Firefly (£2.19 down to £0.89)
  • Shiny the Firefly THD (£2.19 down to £0.89)
  • Skilltree Saga (£2.29 down to £0.89)
  • Super Blackjack Battle 2 (£2.29 down to £0.89)
  • The Inner World (£2.29 down to £0.89)
  • The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk (£4.99 down to £2.59)
  • Toby: The Secret Mine (£3.99 down to £0.89)

And here's the link to every Headup game on Google Play

If you're not quite sure if Bridge Constructor Portal is the game for you, you'd be wise to check out our review from last year. 

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