Codies go 20/20 with burst-play Brian Lara 2007 for PSP

His legacy is portable and widescreen

Codies go 20/20 with burst-play Brian Lara 2007 for PSP

The great batsman may have departed the green oval, but the Lara brand continues like one of his dogged innings in the shape of Codemaster's first PSP cricket game, Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play.

Designed to fit into the theme of gaming-on-the-go, the game's main mode is the Pressure Play Mission, which consists of bite-sized challenges, covering everything from bowling a maiden over to one-ball-left-to-win scenarios. These are divided into classic matches, masters, winners, knowledge and googly challenges.

In terms of licensing, as well as Lara the game features a full ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 mode, enabling you to compete as the stars (and the flops) of the recent cricketing competition. There will be 16 international teams and 240 licensed international players, including Kevin Pietersen, Matthew Hayden, Shane Bond and Freddie Flintoff (although we're assuming the game doesn't include an early morning pedalo challenge).

There is also a head-to-head wireless multiplayer mode, enabling you to play full games or set up recent challenges, such as Ireland's historic victory over Pakistan, India's defeat by Bangladesh and England's run chase against the West Indies.

Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play will be off-spinning into the shops over the summer.