Out at midnight: Bust down doors and kill terrorists in Breach & Clear for iOS

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Out at midnight: Bust down doors and kill terrorists in Breach & Clear for iOS
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At midnight tonight, turn-based tactics terrorist hunter game Breach & Clear will stack up on the doors of the App Store, then kick them down and shoot a bunch of foreigners. Terrorists, hopefully.

Breach & Clear comes from Saturday Morning RPG creator Mighty Rabbit, the imaginatively named Gun Media, and Robert Bowling, who used to be creative strategist on the Call of Duty games.

In Breach & Clear, you are put in charge of a four-man team. This elite unit goes about the globe (from Mexico to China, and from Turkey to Afghanistan) kicking down doors and shooting bad guys. And then you'll say cool things like "tango down".

Breach and Clear

The missions play out from an isometric viewpoint, like a surprisingly violent The Sims expansion. The game itself, meanwhile, calls to mind Frozen Synapse, as you micro-manage each soldier's next few seconds of movement, right down to the speed of their walk and the direction in which they are looking.

The plan is to clear each room, while sweeping for enemies and avoiding blind spots. You can flank rooms, use flash bangs, sweep for foes with a drone, and lay down suppressing fire.

Between missions, you'll get to upgrade your team members, customise their weapons, stock up on toys (like frag grenades for the noisy, and lock picks for the sneaky), and buy new gear.

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Breach & Clear was originally going to be a free-to-play game, but the developers changed their minds a few weeks back. Bowling told Pocket that "it came to a point where we were making too many decisions in favour of free-to-play that impacted gameplay too much".

The game will, instead, cost £1.49 / $1.99 at launch. There are still some in-app purchases, though, if you fancy inflating your war chest all of a sudden.

Breach & Clear for iPhone and iPad will go live on the App Store at midnight tonight. Sadly, it won't work on a fourth-gen iPod touch. An Android edition is on the way, too.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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